Welcome to PROENGR.NET, a website of home grown professional mechanical and electrical engineering (M&E) consultancy and professional mechanical and electrical engineering (M&E) services companies in Singapore.

Engineering as defined in Collins English Dictionary is the profession of applying scientific principles to the design, construction, and maintenance of engines, machines, etc. (mechanical engineering), electrical machines and communication systems (electrical engineering)… Yes, we are the providers of the mechanical and electrical engineering (M&E) consultancy and services for new and existing buildings in Singapore.

Our Website shall continue to focus and update the latest engineering services, mechanical and electrical engineering (M&E) consultancy, solutions and specialties that we offer to our Clients. We also share the latest energy saving products and green products available in the markets.

There is a Discussion Forum, a first mechanical & electrical engineering blog in the local websites for the public especially engineers to share and comment on their mechanical and electrical engineering (M&E) design issues, problems and solutions.